Day 10th – March 15th

How far would you go to pursue your dreams ? 
Tonight, while attending an event at The Olympia Theater, as I watched the performers acting and interpreting and completely enjoying themselves, I had a realization that, no matter what, if you are doing something you truly love, people will feel and appreciate.

If you are pursuing your dream, working continually to get where you are destined to be, life will unfold. Those perfomers are truly living that experience. They might not yet be where they wish to be, but they are working towards that . 

And that is a beautiful thing! 

How many have dreamt of being on a stage, singing and dancing and acting but have never taken the first step to achieve it ?

That applies to all of us. How hard are you working to be who you would like to be?

Day 9th – March 5th 

I’ve been in NYC for the last two days and it’s just incredible, there are soo many people from so many different places in the world it makes you feel like this is the epicenter of the Planet  Earth. 

While visiting a Art show, I was intrigued by the diversity of all the art work and the origins of each one. There was artists from every single continent. All trying to express their emotions and message through art. And when I saw this message, I had a insight: 

“We are so similar” 

I’ve walked for hours, going from one place to another, all the faces I’ve looked at, hundreds of them, they all had the very same similarities: happiness, apathy, excitement, concern, exhaustion.

The truth is: All human beings are really the same . We are all here in search for the same exact thing : true happiness. That alone should make us similar beyond command. But we get caught up with mundane stuff : religion, skin color, nationality, political preferences. And we forget our origins, our birthplace, our DNA. 

Day 8th – February 25th

If everybody could take a day, even if once a month to go explore a different neighborhood or even your own, you would be surprised with all the beautiful things you could find. 

My urban exploration last Saturday took me to a unfamiliar area, where I particularly liked but never took the time to go really see it. The vision I had was to find the beauty in things we see it everyday but don’t really see it because we are just looking at them as “ordinary things”.

So with that in mind, I wondered : how many times we passed by a street and don’t even notice the gorgeous display of colors right in front of us? Like those two houses, what a gorgeous sight ! 

The color contrast of these fire hydrant against the green folliages was just too beautiful to be ignored.

Then, I kept going and found train tracks, something I was looking forward to take pictures in a while , what a sweet surprise! 

Rail roads have always been very interesting to me , in a sense that it holds a history of time and purpose. The many times trains that have gone by, carrying things and people and memories are probably underrated by most people, specially now in the modern world. 

But I was there alone, looking at those trails and the opened bridge and I was able to sense and connect with all of that as a whole. 

And that was a moment of beauty. 

Day 7th / February 18th

I really enjoy bike ridding. I usually plan urban explorations with a set route but with lots of room for the unexpected. 

Last Saturday I was on my way to the Vizcaya Palace and Gardens, a gorgeous European mansion located by the water and decided to start my day trip about 6 miles away. That’s when I saw a sign for a local park I’ve never heard before called Simpson Park. My natural curiosity quickly ignaited, so I decided to go see it, and I’m so glad I did ! It was my little secret surprise! 

There was trees of every size, some knocked out, with the roots exposed, showing the natural elements we normally don’t see, so it made me wonder: 

“How much of our true selfs do we allow others to see?  Do I truly show others my real roots ? What’s my foundation made off? ”

There are details in the forest that are constantly overseen such as the colors of the leaves in the ground, the contrast between the natural elements and the beauty of a simple leaf placed on top of dried trunk ? 

If you open your senses to see it, to sense things and be part of this magical environment , you will be able to witnesses those little pieces of joy.

And that is a moment of beauty .

Day 6th: February 14th

Today is Valentine’s Day. The celebration of love and friendship throughout the world. So I had a purpose to find something that was made with love that it could be clear to see. 

I’ve passed by this lovely store and was so impressed by the windows. I noticed the details, the perfect position each mannequin was placed, the accessories, the dresses. I’m sure a lot of time and planning was put to it so I could imagine the person who put it together was really passionate by his/her work . That’s is the magic : “If you love what you do, you won’t have to work a single day of your life”

So I was able to see the love put into it, here are the pictures and hopefully you’ll agree with me: 

At the end of the day, I only had one wish in my heart: I wanted to see the sunset. So I got home and rushed to my special place so I could still watch the last few minutes of Nature’s best shows.

I’m obsessed with Sunsets. There’s nothing more beautiful, peaceful and inviting than to watch the last rays of the sun bathe the earth. There’s a certain magic to it. Birds are getting ready to sleep, the night is about to arrive. It’s that mysterious moment of silence connecting two lovers, the Sun and the Moon. 

And that is absolutely beautiful. 

Day 5th: February 12th

The unnoticed forest

I have drove by this green area many times before. It’s been there, I know , just quietly unnoticed, like almost sending a secret invitation to be seeing.

Today, I accept that invitation. I stopped on my way to work, my mind cluttered and scattered.

As I started to look around, I noticed this majestic tree,  strong and soft, unconditionally and giving alway her shade and her branchs to birds.

What a beautiful image ! I have a special connection with trees. I always thought they have a secret life, they hide secret messages and are always ready to give no mater what .

I kept walking a little further to be surprised by all the plants, ferns and weeds, so commonly unwanted but at this environment they were part of the entire system, they belong and they were as beautiful as any other foliage , regardless of what people would call them.

There, they just “are”

As soon as I left, I heard birds singing close by. That grounded me to the present moment. The sounds, the light, the green all around, were a instrument to the now and here.

And that was a moment of beauty .

Day 4th: February 11th

This was a very interesting occasion. As I was standing in line looking around and not particularly seeing anything special, I looked again and saw this scale hanging, like not being used. I immediately saw the cemetery in the back. Both ideas hit me like a brick.

We are all going to the same place, living life thinking we have time, using our time on things that doesn’t matter and wasting our energy, unaware of where its going?

One of my favorite quotes from Buddha:

“The trouble is, you think you have time”

The scale reminded me of my personal struggle with giving away my time and energy to things and people that are not worth them.



The cemetery is our ultimate destination, the one that none of us can avoid it.

The concept of death is very vague, therefore we cannot conceive or relate until it hits home. I had a intense epiphany about  life and death and the space in between we call LIFE.

When I took the picture of the gate, I was completely aware of that reality. And that was a moment of beauty.


Charles Bukowski

“We’re all going to die, all of us, what a circus! That alone should make us love each other but it doesn’t. We are terrorized and flattened by trivialities, we are eaten up by nothing.” Charles Bukowsky

Day 3: February 10th

I woke up not feeling inspired. I was trying hard to find something that I could connect but nothing got my attention.

When I got to work, I saw this gorgeous sight, right on the hallway. That’s it. I couldn’t help it, all my senses were there. My beautiful coworker standing there and all I could think was – How beautiful! Her huge pregnancy belly, the lines in the floor. The colors. Just pure joy.

The lovely idea of bringing new life to the world, is already a message as it is. Impossible to ignore, the essence of beauty.


Later on, during dinner, with the same analogy that first got my attention,  I saw this light fixture. It was beautiful, modern but also old. It had the lines and the right brightness. It showed the “light” as the meaning of my previous picture, when a woman gives birth, she gives “light”.

That was very symbolic and at the same time very inspiring.


Day two: February 9th

In search for the unexpected Pink.

I heard recently on a workshop about  how to practice mindfulness, to try to focus in one particular color and go for a walk. Well, in this case I was driving but I picked pink, even  though I am not a big fan of the color, which is surprisingly since most women love it. Today, I had this color in my mind. So I decided to look for it.


A pink house with a lovely iron gate, so very unique. The steps were like an invitation to come in. The green against the pink wall, what a lovely combination.


A cluster of Bougainvilleas, showing off like a gift to me

First blog post

The first day I started this personal project, I had no plans to turn it into a blog. My first purpose was to feed my natural curiosity with little wonders and mostly, to be present, to be aware more and more of all the beauty that surrounds us.

Day one: February 8th


This picture was taken around 6:50am, no filter, no editing. The sunrise and the sunset always inspires my soul, this day was like a call to awake my senses. And so the project and the journey begun.


I have a long commute to work, mostly at the highways between the suburbs and the metropolitan area of Miami. When I enter the City of Coral Gables, one of the oldest neighborhoods of Miami, it’s like entering my little piece of haven.

I usually drive on the same roads, but that day, I had my eyes wide opened and sure enough, this gorgeous tree, full of yellow flowers was like a canvas painted against the blue bright sky.

The third image that touched my soul I didn’t have the chance to photograph. As I was driving, I saw this beautiful sight: an old lady holding a baby girl, seating on a bench on a peaceful garden. It was like looking at a “time lapse of life”. My eyes filled with tears, what a touching moment I was able to witness just because I was opened to see it.